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Metapo, headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, distributes Infinuvo brand robotic vacuum cleaners since 2005. Metapo is dedicated to making life easier and more enjoyable through smart home technology.

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Filter technology

Washable filters prevent dust, pet hair, and debris from getting out.

uv light

Ultravoilet light kills germs and disinfects while the unit cleans.

sound feedback

Voice and chime to guide you through unit operations.

collision detection

Soft-touched and non-collision obstacle detection to protect furniture in your home.


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The Hovo 600 are a series of  4 in 1 multi-function robot cleaners that can vacuum, sanitize, sweep and mop your floor. They are a great choice for pet owners and people with allergies. They work best on wood, tile, laminate floors or low pile carpets.

Hovo 600 series

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The CleanMate QQ-2  is the most affordable cleaning robot in the CleanMate QQ series robot vacuums. It does not come with a home charging base like more expensive QQ2 models, but all other features are the same. It is an automatic and intelligent vacuum robot that sweeps and vacuums for you.

cleanmate qq2


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